The Internet & Online Search Worksheet

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You will work with a partner for this assignment.  The two of you will collaborate on one Word document explaining a series of terms and answering some questions about the Internet and Searching Online.  Make sure to put your names at the top of the page.  You can download this Word .doc Version of these questions.

When you are done, you will be turning this document to our class shared folder.  To do that, go to My Computer, then select Student Data (usually drive S), then select embergquist, Writable, Exploring CS and finally our class period.  Copy your file into this folder.  If you are unsure how to do this, make sure you ask someone sitting near you or Mr. Bergquist!

Part A: Internet & World Wide Web review:

- “How the Internet Works in 5 minutes” Video
- “How Does the Internet Work” Video
You may also want to review the presentation & videos from earlier this week (links are on our class webpage) and search on line for more details.

1. Explain the following terms, in relation to the Internet & World Wide Web:

  • Client
  • ISP
  • Server
  • Router
  • IP Address
  • URL

2. Which of these are directly connected to the Internet?

3. How is a large file of information transmitted on the World Wide Web?

4. Where do the actual Web Pages reside on the Internet? (one of the above terms)

5. In your own words, when you click on a link to see a website, what happens to display that new page on your computer?  Explain how your request goes out and then the information flows back on the Internet back to your computer – try to use the terms listed above.

Part B: Searching Online

Consider the Videos and our discussion today on Searching Online

1. Explain the following terms, in relation to the Online Searching:

  • Keywords
  • Index
  • Spider (web crawler)

2. Try out several Searches using at least three different Engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.  You will probably not always get the same results in different browser.  Why is this?

3. What kind of factors/decisions go into determining how to rank (what order to return) your search results?

4. After trying several different search engines, decide which search engine you prefer and explain why?

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