Exploring the Internet

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Here’s an chance to further explore the Internet, using what we have learned about how it works and see some of the concepts in action.

Instructions: Try out the 5 links and exercises below, feel free to explore further if you like.  Then on a sheet of paper to turn in, write down 7 interesting things you find out from these websites – we will gather later to discuss your finding and insights:

  1. Find out what your IP address is. Note that any service with access to your IP address also knows where you are.
  2. Use a ping tool to find out how long it takes to get to a particular server. Try google.com, garfieldcs.com? Note that this tool sends the ping from the network-tools.com server, NOT from your machine.
  3. Use a visual traceroute tool to find out the physical path information takes to get to you from a particular website. Interesting searches might include bbc.co.uk gicp.org.gh gcaa.com.gh (the last two sites are Ghanaian sites. Where are they hosted? Why?)
  4. Do a whois lookup to find out who, if anyone, owns a particular web address. Try yourname.com (tomjones.com, for example).
  5. Take a look at what information websites have about you — they definitely know where you are and may be able to infer your age, gender, etc.

If you find any further websites to share with our class or use in future presentations, feel free to suggest them in your paper of 7 items.

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