Computer Science Poster Project

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You will create a poster using Glogster (some folks using Poster Paper) to tie together the different ideas and themes we have covered so far. This example should give you some ideas, though it represents a bare minimum.

Your options:

  • Binary data representation — do this if you need review on data representation
    • What is binary?
    • Why do computers use binary?
    • How are text/images/sound represented using binary?
    • How is binary represented in different hardware components?
  • Advertisement for a particular computer (Eee PC, Dell tough tablet, iMac, Mac mini, Alienware M17xor one of your choice) — do this one to review hardware and learn about specialized components (graphics card, etc)
    • Hardware specs and advantages
    • Operating system type and advantages
    • Form factor and advantages
    • Price
  • Famous computing technologist — do this one if you want to learn a little more about those who make computers happen (Steve Jobs, Alan Turing, Steve Wozniak, Adele Goldberg, Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Marissa Mayer, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Charles Babbage…)
    • When did they start in computing?
    • What kind of education do they have?
    • What are their major inventions?


This will be your first project and will be worth 20 points.

Grading will follow the following rubric:

Category Excellent (5pts) Good (4pts) Fair (2pt)
Significant to our Class Clearly shows how it is important to Computer Science Shows how it relates to Computer Science Does not fully apply to Computer Science.
Technical information Covers and explains all relevant technical details Explains many relevant technical details Covers some technical material but leaves some out
Aesthetics (looks great) Looks great and has all information well organized and readable Looks OK and most information is organized and readable Some information is easy to read
Media Media complements and highlights information Uses more than one image and some other effects (text borders, etc) Uses at least one image

(Again thanks to Ms. Martin for this project idea)

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