Computer Dissection Follow up

posted by: Mr. Bergquist 15 September 2011 No Comment

Computer Dissection Follow up:

(Write the answers to these four questions in your ECS Composition book to be collected TODAY, start now – please title the page “Computer Dissection Follow up” so I can find it easily):

1. What did the flat wide grey “ribbon cables” connect?  Why do you think they are shaped the way they are – what do they carry inside?

2. My computer is producing a clicking sound.  What are the possible problems?  (Hint: what are the moving parts?)

3. What are some of the possible dangers of opening up a computer and fiddling with it (for you and the computer!)?

4. Which component was most surprising to you? and Why?

Feel free to give me any other feedback on the dissection exercise.  Did you enjoy it?  How could it be better?  Thanks!

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