Composition Book Guidelines:

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Exploring Computer Science: Composition Books Guidelines:

1. Start with a fresh page every day!

a) Start each new assignment or day on an empty right page of the book.

b) Initially only use the Right pages – this will allow you to add notes on the left page to extend or correct your notes.

2. Label assignments & warm ups at the top of the page AND in the Table of contents:

a) When starting an assignment, title the top of the page the exact name of the assignment and…

b) Then go to the line that corresponds to the page number in the Table of Contents and write down the Title there too.  This will make it easier for you to find your notes quickly.

3. Anything worth doing is worth doing well.

a) Take the time to make your writing look good and embellish it as you like to make it look great – feel free to add color or fancy doodles that highlight and enhance your writing, but don’t let it overtake your writing.

b) Make sure to write out the questions (or shortened forms of them) so you will know what the answers mean later.  This will help you on open note tests.

c) Record a title in the Table of Contents for your pages so you can easily reference them later.


Setting up your book: (you only need do this once)

1st) Find your last entry in your current composition book and go to the next page after that.

2nd) On that Right page of the book, glue in this instruction sheet to remind you of the guidelines.

3rd) Start numbering pages in the upper right, starting the count at 1 on the page where you placed this sheet.  You can use the stamps or write clearly in pen – do NOT use pencil.  Number 25 – 50 pages please.

4th) On the first three pages (page 2-4) title them “Table of Contents” at the top and then number each line, continuing the count to the next page. This should give you plenty of pages for the semester.

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