Components of a Computer

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You will spend the period researching and taking notes on the major components of modern digital computers in preparation for taking machines apart and studying them. Please do this on the same sheet of paper as today’s warm-up.

You will create a grid like the following:

Component (draw it) What is it for? Units of measurement? Connections to other components
Motherboard N/A

And fill it out for these components:

  • Motherboard
  • CPU
  • RAM
  • Power supply
  • Hard drive
  • Video card

Start your research here. If you are unable to finish during the period, please bring in the completed assignment tomorrow.

To get 10 points out of 10: give useful and meaningful definitions – not so technical or so wordy that you don’t understand them. Give multiple definitions for the terms. Include some pictures where they’re helpful.

If you breeze through this and think you know it all already, try the CPU quiz.

(Taken from Ms Martin’s Computer Components post from last year).

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