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Assignment: On a sheet of paper or saved to a document file, please write down your answers to these questions in full sentences as completely as possible.  Bring the paper or print off a copy and bring it to our next class.  (PDF Version)

1. Dream successful Career.  Imagine you have your dream job – what will it be for today’s exercise? for example: a star basketball player, owner of a successful software company, academy award winning movie star, etc.  Dream big!! Tell me all about this dream job of yours.

2. Electronic Devices.  OK, you are making tons of money, so what kind of electronic gadgets would you have?  For example, laptop computer, iPhone, and Pad device.  Name them all.

3. Your Private Digital Information. When you use all these devices, what information about you or your clients, customers or patients would end up on these devices?  Start with: phone numbers, credit card numbers, passwords… what else?  List as many as you can think of.

4. All that Information used against you.  Now imagine what could happen if a rival competitor, criminal or gossip columnist got access to all this information through your electronic devices.  What harmful things could such a person do to your career – think of the worst case, how could that information be used against you and possibly destroy your career?  Be creative and come up with worst-case scenarios.  How could someone use that information to make money?


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