2010-2011 APCS Projects

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These impressive projects were created in the last 6 weeks of AP Computer Science. This is only a small selection of all that was created — see YouTube videos for all of them! Projects can be launched in a new window by using the ‘launch’ link.

NOTE: some will be too big to fit on your screen, some only work on certain browsers and others may crash! Launch at your own risk. Try clicking in the window if there is no response to your clicks or key presses.

Garfield Bus Viewer


Displays real-time bus arrivals and departures for stops around Garfield.



One or two player volleyball game.

Wake Up Call Game

Nikki and Angela

Control the mouse and catch all the cocoons with your pellets.

Game of Go


An abstract strategy board game for two players.

NEJ Game

Nicky, Evan and Joel

Turn-based fighting game inspired by Fire Emblem. Be sure to read the help screens!

Helicopter Game

Raisah and Elise

Control the helicopter and avoid the obstacles.


Summer and Sean

Grid logic puzzle. Get each row and column to have the right number of filled squares.

Bomberman Game


Bomb the other players.

See more project videos…

If you don’t see your project here but would like it to be up, please e-mail Ms. Martin.

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