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You’ve noticed that moving files between home and school using a flash drive can be very cumbersome and that more specifically, Eclipse does not handle that very gracefully.  The solution is to use an online version control system that keeps track of changes in code and allow you to check it out wherever you are.  This is also a great way to enable collaboration between several programmers.

I recommend trying Google’s project hosting service which is free and can be accessed through the school computers.  Anyone with a Google account can create a new project.  Note that your project must be open source meaning that anyone can look at your code — this may not work if you expect to create a commercial product!

Using Google Code for hosting

Create a project with a meaningful name.  Select Subversion as the Version control system.  Choose a Source code license.  If you are not sure, I recommend the Apache License.

Click on the “Source” tab to see how to access your project.  You should get a URL in the form
and a generated password.

Accessing Google Code projects through Eclipse

To use your controlled project from Eclipse:

  • Right click in the Package Explorer (left side bar)

  • Select New, then Other, then open the SVN folder.

  • Select Checkout Projects from SVN.

  • You’ll “Create a new repository location” and paste in the URL you got from the Google Code page.ct

  • Select the top folder and click ‘Finish.’
  • If this is the first time you do this, choose ‘new project’ and select Java project
  • If you’ve opened your project in Eclipse before, simply accept the project name.

Working from home

The school computers use the Subclipse plugin for Eclipse to give you SVN access.  You’ll need to follow the installation instructions (scroll down to get to them).  You should then

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