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This quiz will primarily focus on Binary, Arrays, ArrayLists, & classes (Interfaces and GridWorld will only be on the Final).  There may be other material on there as well.  You should be very comfortable defining a simple class, answering questions about using a Class, Array & ArrayList Mystery/Simulations and building an ArrayList Program with a couple Binary conversions thrown in.

Here are some practice problems.  Also refer to the multiple choice practice set.
Oracle classes questions and exercises

Presentations on ArrayLists & Arrays too:
Arrays, Part I
- Arrays as Parameters
Arrays for Tallying

Arrays & ArrayList Practice Its:
Array Mysteries
ArrayList mystery
- ArrayList — min to front
ArrayList — stutter
- More ArrayList Mysteries
- More ArrayList Problems (there is lots of these)

Supplementary Reviews Sheets & Videos:
Class Object Concepts & Vocabulary
Object Class Review Slides
defining a class
advanced instance methods

Interface and Comparable Material: (for Final Exam later)

Review of Comparable
Comparable — Location
— note that this asks you to implement the Comparable<Location> interface, which means that your compareTo method will take an Location as a parameter.  You should be comfortable with implementing the Comparable interface and having compareTo take in an Object as a parameter.
Comparable — Point — same note as above

Comparable & Interface Material for Final (not this week’s exam):

Oracle interfaces questions and exercises — these are all great review with solutions

Supplementary Reviews Sheets & Videos:
- Interfaces
- Implementing Comparable

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