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Here are some sample Scratch projects and a couple pages of instructions to give you more ideas on how to add or change the games you are making.  Have fun!
Improve your Game with:


More kinds of Games to try:

Maze & Pac Man ideas

+ PDF of Instructions for these here!
Samples of alternative Scratch project ideas:


+ PDF of Instructions for these here!
These are all graciously taken from ScratchEd’s Curriculum Guide v20110923.

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NOTE: These Facebook photos will likely not be visible from a school computer

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Garfield Teams with Ms Martin (right)

Saturday (10th December) Garfield competed in the NWCSTA Programming Competition, and our teams won 1st & 2nd in Advanced as well as 2nd in Novice categories. taking half of the six medals awarded.  We had 26 students compete in our 9 teams and everyone had a great time at the event. The competition was held at UW’s Computer Science building and there were a total of 43 teams from 15 schools from the greater Seattle area.
Besides the competition, the event featured a CS Talk on …

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This quiz will focus on user input (Scanners), conditionals, boolean expressions (including NOT !, OR || and AND &&), returns, Strings (char) and simple While loops, though of course other things we have studied will show up as well! The format of the test will be 4 expressions (Strings and boolean), an if/else simulation then 4 to 5 methods to write. To encourage studying and note taking, you may use your notes & test for the quiz.
I recommend studying with these problems:

Logic Expressions
String Expressions - for more click link in upper right…
if/else …

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Dec 4-10th is National Computer Science Education Week and we have several exciting events to celebrate, most events held in our CS Lab room 115a.
Sunday: our Garfield Dawgbotics team will be competing in the qualifying First Robotics trials in Olympia.  Go Dawgbots!!  We will report our results.
Monday at noon (Room 115a): the Women in Technology Club meets in the Computer Science Lab, room 115a, to discuss relevant technical innovation and the expanding opportunities for women in the technical field.  Bring your lunch and join in the conversation in room 115a.
Tuesday …

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[30 Project Points]
You will write a name generator of your choice. You get to pick the theme for the names generated such as ninja, My Little Pony, Hobbits, princesses, pirates, etc. see Internet for ideas.  Turn-In file name is: NameGenerator.java
Be creative with this one! Your program must:

Start with some kind of greeting and introduction
Give the user clear instructions
Prompt the user for at least their first and last names and one other attribute; you could have them prompt for things like gender or favorite color, animal, food, number (even Pokemon, intergalactic bounty hunter, …

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Regardless of whether you participated in the competition, to practice using input Files you are to do at least 6 practice problems that use input files for me to check off!  For reference here are the presentations on File input:
- File input with Scanner
- Line-based file input

And you can Download this Java example of how to set up an input file for the first problem of the April 2009 contest: Pr2dot1.java (which requires the data file: pr21.dat)
These problems are a great way to bring together all that we’ve learned from …

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In case you need them: Strings! Presentation and our Handout: Strings .

Write a method that prompts the user for a word and prints out its equivalent in Pig Latin. To translate a word to Pig Latin, take the initial letter, move it to the end of the word and add ‘ay’. The new suffix (first letter with ay) should be printed in all caps. Here is a sample run of the program:
Give me a word to translate to Pig Latin: trash
Your word is rashTAY in Pig Latin!

Challenge: can you translate a full sentence from …

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Starter Website Project  (30 Project Points)
Assignment Details: You will be creating a web site with at least 3 pages to promote an idea or group you believe in.  For example, you could choose to create a website for the Garfield football team or the debate club.  Alternately, you may create one promoting mountain biking or recycling.  What’s important is that you apply what you have learned about HTML and CSS and work on creating a nice design.  To start, fill out a Starter Website Design Sheet that needs to be …

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You should by now have realized that I’m looking for some rather predictable things in your programs — style, good decomposition, reduced redundancy are the major ones. I’m still seeing some obvious things missing, though! Hopefully this checklist will keep you from making obvious mistakes.
You should exactly replicate the output shown in the assignment writeup. Why does it matter? I treat your assignments like industry products. If you were working for Microsoft and your team had agreed on a particular look and feel for a program you were writing, would …