Scratch broadcasts

posted by: Ms. Martin 6 December 2010 No Comment

Broadcast statements are very important for synchronizing behavior between the different elements in a Scratch program.  We can then do things like have a button that when clicked affects more than one sprite.

Today you will work with a tacky example I created to learn from how I used broadcast statements.  You’ll see different uses of it: buttons and startup screens.

Download the broadcast example and SAVE IT IN YOUR FOLDER.

You will make the following additions to the program:
- Add at least one sprite which also reacts to the purple-ify and spin buttons

- Add at least one button that changes the sprites in a certain way.  For example, you could add a ‘grow’ button that makes everything bigger.  You could also add a pixelate button which makes the screen look like:

- Add a ‘clear all’ button that reverts everything to its original state.

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