Paper: Computing in the Real World

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Addendum: turning that puppy in

I’d like for you to turn this in as a text file called cspaper.txt.  What?  A text file?!  Yes — I want to be able to write comments and send you feedback electronically so we spare some trees and this is the best way I’ve come up with for now!!

I recommend you write your paper in Word or equivalent then just copy and paste in Notepad or equivalent.  I believe you can also save as a text file from Word.  If you can’t figure it out, give up fast and I’ll help you Monday in class.  Have a great break and have fun with this!

APCS: turn in here

APCS++: turn in here

The assignment

Ok.  It’s time to take a step back!

We’ve been knee-deep in weird Java quirks and it’s easy to lose track of what the point of all of this is.  I want you to spend some time reflecting on how computing can be used in contexts you care deeply about and want to be involved in professionally.

Basic requirements:

  • At least 3 sources (Wikipedia doesn’t count though I encourage you to look there and follow their sources) cited in some standard format (MLA, APA…)
  • Introduction that clearly states the focus of your paper
  • Thorough description of the computing application covered.  This could be a specific technology such as thought controlled prosthetic limbs or class of technologies such as persuasive technologies to encourage behavior changes.  What advances have been made?  What collaboration is there between fields?  What specific institutions are involved?
  • Your personal stake in this computing application — why do you care?  What part is interesting to you?  What part do you see yourself using and/or participating in the creation of?
  • A tie-in to what you’re learning now: do you imagine you’ll be doing programming?  If not, how will the skills we’re learning help you play a role in the field you’re interested in?
  • Some sort of conclusion to tie it all together
  • At least 3 pages (looking more for quality than quantity but I hope you’ll be inspired to write more)

This should be written relatively formally though some of it will be at the first person.

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