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You will write a name generator of your choice. ¬†Options include Jersey Shore, ninja, Star Wars, gangsta, pirate… (see Internet for ideas)

Be creative with this one!  Your program must:

  • Start with some kind of greeting and introduction
  • Give the user clear instructions
  • Prompt the user for at least their first and last names and their gender (could also prompt for favorite color, animal, number…)
  • Continuously generate new names until the user quits (some sort of continuation prompt like “do you want to generate another name? (y/n)”)
  • Generate different names based on different inputs
  • Make at least three modifications to the original name (shift letters in the alphabet, add a suffix, randomly add something in the middle, repeat one piece of the name…)
  • Use at least three different String methods
  • Use good procedural decomposition (each method does ONE task, main is good description, etc…)

You will be evaluated primarily on the ambition of your design, your style and your decomposition.

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