APCS poems

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Wow.  These are good.

Most Zen

My mind has gone blank
Now as void as a method
that does not return

Int i equals one;
if i is less than thirty;
i plus equals two;

My code compiles
System dot out dot println
computer science

Will a char suffice?
no, you must use a string. Why?
for it has methods

Please compile, please!
Oh god of Java, why fail?
OH! Semi-colon!

public static void
is how we start a method
unless it returns

There once was a code.
Semi-colon was forgot
There was an error.

Java is money
Flowing, plentiful green cash
I’m Mark Zuckerberg

A curly brace ends
My beautiful loop
of infinite prints

Public static void
public static boolean
java haiku done


Programming means cash
Bill Gates is really wealthy
I don’t like Steve Jobs

You program on computers
Computing is not fun
that’s why you leave it
to computers!

It is late at night
Bright screen burns my retinas
Programming, it hurts

Programming is fun
but it’s hard
sometimes it makes me want to run
away into another land and bask in the sun
but I am stuck in my chair
with a blank stare
at the computer screen

Programming is cool
If I get good grade on test
Return smiley face

Programming is fun
Programming is very fun
Oh how I love it

Outside’s beautiful
But who cares? I watch the screen
I’m writing Java

public static void
main string bracket bracket args
curly brace goes here

For loops are the best
But while loops are also cool
And more confusing

The white, humming screen
Furiously writing code
Alas, no compile

Programming is cool
I learn programming at school
Programming really rules

Programming is cool
This is my favorite class
When can we write games?

Programming is cool,
We hang out with Ms. Martin,
Writing clever code

I like to write programs
But sometimes they go  blam
I write code that fails
The computer pales
And I get another error!

for(int i = 1; i != 0; i++) {
    System.out.println("There was once an infinite loop");
    System.out.println("That turned computers’ circuits to goop");
    System.out.println("Again and again");
    System.out.println("You will never win");
    System.out.println("Just shut down now, you stup--!");

    System.out.println("If and else statements");
    System.out.println("those return methods and strings");
    System.out.println("this test was so hard");


Programming is fun,
Though it can be difficult,
It challenges me.
It makes me think hard,
Which does not happen very often,
But I do like it.

Scanners and returns
are very difficult, ugh!
can we draw more soon?

Something I’ve notices after a while
Time after time, my code won’t compile.
If jGrasp’s error messages were possible to read
I’d program quicker, with extra speed.

I suck at haikus
at least I know some Java
hot and buttered toast.

Soda and jGrasp
computer, keyboard, and mouse,
programming heaven
print the number 1,
wrote nine thousand line program,
I had fun, you won’t
Apocalypse here,
robot army conquers earth,
still here programming

O to the programming,
that can make life,
wonderful or misleadingly crazy

jGrasp, Java code
Typing them out is a breeze
Writing i some trouble.

Programming is hard
you have to remember codes
my brain really hurts

Tonight in bed, I will turn and toss
restless to know
that when I try to convert thought to code
I always get lost

Computer science
Is wonderful and useful
I love Ms. Martin

I program all day
Code is the mode I prefer
For loops are tricky

Programming… whatup.
it’s what’s good in pc’s head
hard as can be, though.

I like programming
After this test I just might die
I hope I won’t die

Java is the best
I do a lot of code work
I like programming

Three point one four one five two?
Will booleans prove this true?
It’s not a piece of pi
Haha what a lie

Returning some ints
Or perhaps a boolean
writing strings and things

Writing scripts is fun,
Every day I come to class,
I am filled with joy.

Uh oh, an error,
looks like I need to debug,
missing a symbol

Program all day long
I need the extra credit
hope you like this song

Need to study more
I will get better at code
If it’s the last thing

It is such a joy
Programming, that is the thing!
A hearty feeling.

For loops are my favorite
They make life easy
They are better than while loops

Java is okay,
Frustrating most of the time
But I will survive

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