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These lyrics are pretty much the best. I’m excited to see you already able to make Java jokes!! Let’s make sure we keep this sense of humor throughout the year.

Most belligerent:

Now I got the rights to add my own ingenuity with this verse
My teacher might not agree, she’ll put my programs in a hearse
I love my sloppy hacks, can’t care less about beautiful code
I don’t care if Ms. Martin docks me points by the load
The final output will always be the same
And who cares if it’s a challenge to maintain

Most flattering:

I got the computer room where the chairs have got wheels
The only thing that’s faster is my computer skeelz
Thursdays are crakin’ since we get two hours
All the other swimin’ kids are stuck taking showers
‘s almost two thirty and the bell’s about to ring
But I’ll work on my code until the fat lady sings

Late into the night I work on beautiful Java
My code burns the soul like flaming hot lava

Sometimes I like to use a loop and a variable
I’m pretty sure that yours are just plain terrible

Some people like to call me the master of Println
It’s cuz my code is together like Siamese twins

My code was picked up by Apple
Yours couldn’t even make a label for Snapple
My code is hot like Cheetos
Your code got shunned like Fritos
My code got that fancy lingo laid on
Your code got drawn by crayons
My code hot off the press
Your code, easy clearance access
My code, revolutionary baggage
Your code look like Charles Babbage
My code need no introduction
Your code don’t even function
My code goes to yoga
Your code?fruit rollup
It’s time that we let the world know
Dude, you gotta install my code
Trust me, it’s the best in the business
p.s. we code Java like Jesus

When it comes to computers, I’m no n00b
I’m a star on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube

Haha, I’m so pro at this code thing
My skills so good, change the color on your mood ring
I reduce repetition, keepin it simple
Reducing everything like you’re poppin your pimples

I type “public static void” so many times
That I don’t even care that it almost rhymes

I hear that Roosevelt got a cs program too
but when their code compiles everybody shouts “boo”

I like computers cause they’re so cool
I make programs while I’m at school

I came to comp. sci. to learn a bunch of code
Now I’m writing my own programs making Google overload

Typin like I’ve been printing code for a while
Dreaming, breathing jGrasp like it’s going out of style

My code is so good I’m called the AP Comp illest
Im murkin’ bad coders; they fill up my hit list

Yoyoyo, I spit bars and write Code
I step in this class and get into programming mode.

I code so fast
I leave you all in the past

Just one debug and I’m all set
I know a good grade is what I’ll get

I do my own work and I would never cheat
My codes way are better than any others you’ll meet

My code makes all the nerds scream and shout
So Imma use my semicolon and peace out.

Helping out Joel cause I’m a programming hero
I wrote code that lets me divide by zero

I rap “public static void main(String[] args)” in my sleep
You can’t fault my code cause you know it be deep

Some people love women, but I love computers
I said, “Yo Windows 7, I’ll be your suitor!”

I’m sitting at this computer stratching my head
Really wishin that I was still in bed

My favorite animals are baby pandas
Oh how I wish to hold one in my hand-a

There’s no need to compensate for mistakes
Because my java code always takes the cake
Programming day and night – it’s never a pain
Even in Seattle, where it’s always gonna rain

When programmers see my work they’re overjoyed
Suckas bow down at my public static void

My methods are perfect, my syntax is great
My programs are never turned in late

Rocking that Java everywhere that I go
At school, at home, on my Android phone

I can multitask, I’m coding to the beat
I got this down, operation complete

last name ever, first name greatest
like a sprained ankle, boy i ain’t nothin to play with

I rearranged it all, and this buddy still rhymes
In case you needed confirmation that my skills are sublime

This is how it’s supposed to be, until we die we’re fast and free
We’re passing up reality and switching up the gravity
Some say because we’re from the CD that we can’t rap, but believe me
When I say that by the day’s end I’ll bring it up and out of me

Well you can tell by the way I use my walk
I’m a woman’s man: no time to talk

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