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Garfield "Hunt the Wumpus" Teams 2018

Garfield Computer Class are now in Schoology.

Garfield Computer Science & Tech Outside EVENTS*, talk to your folks before participating:
CS Education Week, Dec 1st – 9th:
- T-Mobile Innovation Lab & Career Exploration Field Trip: Tuesday, December 4th, see Mr. Aytes, Mr. Fell or Mr. Bergquist for permission slip and more details.  Brought to you by Washington Alliance for Better Schools & T-Mobile.  Coming soon, Post T-Mobile Trip Survey (for teacher select Mr. Aytes): TBD Thanks.
Microsoft Halo Studio 343 visit to Garfield during Advisory on Monday, Dec 3rd.  Sign up in the College & Career Center. Presentation Opportunities and Resources.
+ Hour of Code, try it yourself or show it to a friend at https://csedweek.org/learn
+ Great Women in Computing Birthdays: Dec 9th Grace Hopper & Dec 10th Ada Lovelace, see links for more info!
UW Computing Open House, Sat, Dec 1st* Hands-on activities and cutting edge demos will show you what computing is all about, from UW students, staff and local companies. At the UW Paul G. Allen School for Computer Science & Engineering 1-5pm, parking is free after noon on campus. Learn More and Register here.
Building the Future*: Sat, Dec 1st Learning about Civil & Environmental Engineering at UW Lowe Hall 10am – 2pm. Register Here
- Microsoft Summer Internship Info Session – Friday, Dec 14th – in the Career Center during Advisory!  Sign up with Ms. Tiffany to reserve your spot.
FAFSA/WASFA  Info Session – Monday, Dec 10th - After School 4 till 7pm in the Career Center during Advisory!  Bring your paperwork and get expert help on filling out these forms for financial aid.

Future Events & Opportunities:
- CTE “GET Real!” Video Challenge, win up to $250 for your STEM Team or Club, detail here.  Deadline April 30th, 2019.
2019 Popsicle Stick Bridge Competition* at Museum of Flight, Sat February 9th. You must register by January 15 - Details & Registration here.
UW STARS in Engineering* great local opportunity for students qualifying for Washington State Need Grant for direct admittanceto UW CS & Engineering schools. Click here for more details (deadline: Sunday, March 31, 2019)
PLU High School Programming contest* on Saturday, February 2nd. Registration will open early January (most likely Monday, January 7th). Information about the contest can be found at  https://www.plu.edu/computer-science/hs-prog-contest/
- CodeDay Feb 16-17*, 2019, click here for details and sign up for announcements.
Facebook University/Summer Internship* New opportunity for College students planning on studying CS.  Application due Monday, Dec 3rd. (sorry not for high school students)

* Starred Events are not SPS nor Garfield HS events and you need to talk to your parents/guardians before registering or participating in them

Mourning the Loss of Paul Allen - his generosity to Seattle and local Computer Science was remarkable.

Past Event 208-19:
Mercer Island Programming Contest* – Saturday Oct 2oth, 2018 – Register Now!!
National Center for Women in Technology’s Aspirations in Computer Science Applications* are open, deadline November 5, 2018 (by 8pm PST) Discuss how you would like to use technology to make our world a better place to win awards locally as well as nationally.  Details Here.
CodeDay Seattle, 24 hour Hack-A-Thon* is noon Saturday – noon Sunday, Nov 10 – 11th.  Check with your folks and register now, it frequently sells out.  See Mr. Bergquist for a discount code or scholarship.-  Seeing Women In Space*
 at Museum of Flight, Sat Oct 13th 5 – 7pm. “Ladies to Launch” Expert Panel will speak to the role women are playing and will continue to play in this future preceded by an Episode of Lost In Space. (Video) Ask your folks and then Register Here.

CodeDay Seattle Winners May 2018

Garfield Robotics Team 4042, Non-standard Deviations, went to State, then West Regionals and WORLDS this year, Winning 1st in Control and the Rockwell Collins Innovate Award along the way!!  We won the Control Award at Inter-League competition and our Inspire Award ranking earned us a slot to go to State!!  And then we won the Rockwell Collins Inspire Award at both Washington State and the West Super Regionals (12 States+), and went on to compete at Worlds in Houston Texas!! Bestest we  have ever done.  Big Congratulations to all of Garfield Robotics. Check out GarfieldRobotics.com

SPS Network Use Agreement must be obeyed while using the Garfield Computer Lab and other computers.

MS Office 365 free for all Garfield Students from SPS.
Office 365 details here.
Office Pro Plus details here.
- And OneDrive details here.

Mr. Bergquist’s Advice to his students, especially seniors: 6 Slides


Recent Past Events 2017-2018 School year:

Don’t have a summer internship?  Make something with the help of CodeLabs*, from our friends at CodeDay and Student RND:  https://codelabs.srnd.org/ *
UW Engineering and CS programs for high school students – check out the list
Tech Out*, May 5th at UW - Inviting girls to learn about engineering and technology, details and registration linked here*. Sponsored by Amazon.com & UW.
- Microsoft Summer Internships & BootCamp,
 applications due March 31st.  See Mr. Bergquist about an opportunity to visit MS for a tour and help with applications, Friday Feb 16th – more details coming soon (in class).  Application details here [NOTE: you must be available to work full-time for 10 consecutive weeks (June 25 - August 31, 2018) or attend the 3 day workshop]
- SPS Summer Intro Career Classes sign up is OPEN, first come first served.  You can do introduction classes in a a wide variety of career areas including Computer Animation (Cyber Camp), Video Production, Culinary Arts & Aerospace.  Check it out now and sign up right away (with your folks permission).
Girls Who Code Summer Immersion programOpen to current 10th & 11th graders (rising 11th & 12th).  Early acceptance application deadline is Feb 16th, and the final deadline is March 16th.  Apply here &  details here.
Spanish & Teach Coding in Oaxaca*Aug 5-11 – 7 day volunteer service and experiential camp focusing on teaching coding to poor youth; cost $3500 details here.
2018 Engineer Girl Writing contest*, online submission by 9pm (PST) Feb 1st, more details here.
PLU Programming Contest*, Sat Feb 10th at Pacific Lutheran University.  Register today ($15/student or $30/team).
CodeDay Seattle Hack-a-thon*, Sat Feb 17-18th at Tune Kitchen Belltown.  Registration sells out fast to check with your parents and then sign up soon.  See Mr. Bergquist for our Garfield Discount code. Register today ($10 earlybird).
Payscale’s Annual Women in STEM Scholarship*, close Jan. 31st 2018
13th Year Free Tuition program at Seattle Central College.  All Garfield Graduates are eligible for a year of classes at SCC, but registration steps (details here) - deadline extended to Friday, Feb 9th, 2018.  Help is available in the College & Career center.
Amazon Future Engineer* (summer internships, most all for college students)
Amazon.com/UW City of the Future, Built for you* – for 11th and 12th graders, an overnight workshop, Fri & Sat. Nov. 10 & 11th for those interested in Technology, Architecture & Real Estate. Registration must be in by the Thursday, Oct 19th, please let Mr. Bergquist or Mr. Fell know if you are interested:  Talk to your folks and register!
Mercer Island Programming Contest* – Saturday Oct 21st, 2017 – Register Now!!
CodeDay.org 24 hour Hack-a-Thon*, Sat – Sun, Nov 11 & 12th at Tune, Inc. downtown Seattle.
National Center for Women in IT’s (NCWIT) Aspirations In Computing (AiC) contest* – deadline Monday, November 6, 2017
Samsung Solve for Tomorrow STEM Project Challenge* – initial (teacher) application deadline November 9, 2017.

Garfield Robotics took First Place at the Ritchie League Competition, Saturday, Nov 19th.  A great way to start the year.  See more details on our new Dawgbotics Webpages.
Team of Dawgbotics Robotics members took first place at the Microsoft Robo-Cup Hackathonthis summer at Garfield!

+ We had two finalists in the Youth Apps Challenge* click here to find details!

Archive of previous Year’s Events, prior to 2017… linked here.

Snowman!    AfG Trial Notes SPS Computer Programming 110201 2015 - Teacher Only Reference. Building & updating a successful CTE program - SSC Presentation Fall 2015 (2014 Version)